"Come See!" The upcoming citizen film about integrative medicine

Many citizens and patients are turning to what we call "Integrative Medicine". A medicine that combines complementary practices with conventional treatments and that preserves the Planet. So many positive and inspiring experiences at different ages of life.

Understanding disease and life to best support the patient requires technical and scientific knowledge and experience, but also a lot of heart, intuition and creativity: it's quite an art!

It is this art of taking care of oneself that many citizens/patients are looking for and that they help us discover in this film. These men and women find solutions to be accompanied by deeply human and open-minded health professionals, who listen to them and help them to mobilize their self-healing capacities as a complement to treatments.

An inspiring journey through France and Europe

A journey built around testimonies, where each step shows us inspiring ecosystems: hospital, institute, resource center, observatory, research center, nursing home, mental health center, Ehpad, maternity ward.... Let's hear why these professionals have transformed their practices and how they practice their ART together. Let's discover practices and actors that decompartmentalize, expand and connect for a gain in patient luck ■

This reality exists. The one that decompartmentalizes, connects, brings together instead of opposing.

This documentary opens up horizons and puts into perspective the emergence of integrative medicine and global health. It activates the research field "What is integrative medicine?", asks questions about this vision of care that transforms representations, and opens up the question of global health and its actors on a regional scale: yes, it's positive for patients, caregivers, regions and the economy! Yes, it's possible! Yes, we can all take action! ■

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