TRANSITION towards a global approach to healthcare

Help everyone to be a (positive and responsible) player in all aspects of their own health, and encourage the development of integrative and comprehensive health networks and facilities.

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Is the medicine of tomorrow emerging?

Let's advance health, together

Imagine healthy people, in a healthy society, on a healthy planet! This is global health, the art of taking care of living things. Air, water, land and places. Of nature. Of plants, animals and people. All of us collectively. Everyone can play a part. To increase everyone's chances of staying healthy, getting better or getting better, we encourage the emergence of an "Alliance of ETs" between players and disciplines.

Let's develop
an Art of caring

"Explaining, inspiring, bringing together and inspiring action
to citizens/patients/caregivers around integrative medicine and global health."

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The network's objectives are to bring together, listen to and speak for citizens and patients who aspire to an integrative health care system.

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Convinced of everyone's capacity for innovation, the citizens' network carries values of cooperation, creativity, listening and balance. Come with your ideas, co-create and participate in the actions of the network in your area.

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