Citizen workshops in the Val d'Amboise

Val d'Amboise citizens launch D.E.C.L.I.C.S, a local integrative health initiative


D.E.C.L.I.C.S Val d'Amboise off to a flying start ! A Dynamic of Education, Local Cooperation and Citizen Innovation in Health.


They are members of the Allié Santé network, and their common motivation: to co-construct an integrative and global health dynamic in their local area. Today, it's underway!

Our Val d'Amboise allies organized their 1st themed workshop in April on sleep: how to better understand, preserve and recover it. Two doctors, a pharmacist, a dietician, an osteopath and a sophro/sonotherapist shared their knowledge on the subject. Games, practical exercises, exchanges of experience and conviviality.

An integrative stress workshop in Souvigny-de-touraine

The workshop, which took place on Saturday June 10, featured a cross-fertilization of experiences between residents, healthcare professionals and practitioners, a researcher, an actor and a human resources manager. 

The workshop provided an opportunity for a short meditation, body exercises to raise awareness of stress mechanisms, and the sharing of knowledge and experience. Speakers: participants included a doctor, a neuroscience researcher, a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine and Qi Gong, an actor and a human resources manager. At the end of the workshop, those who wished could take part in a Qi Gong class.

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