Company: why get involved?


Why get involved?

Health is a lever for innovation innovation and value creation for the organisation, its teams and society

Health is not just about care

Health is a state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity (WHO 1946 - Bangkok Charter 2005)

Making health a cause to be integrated into its mission and raison d'être

  • Affirming its social mission and giving meaning to its activity
  • Recruit and retain new customers
  • Designing healthier products
  • Differentiate with new areas of innovation
  • Limiting legal and reputationalrisks , etc., by anticipating changes in health regulations
  • Developing the company'sintangible capital
  • Improving the health of teams and the social climate
  • Being an actor in your own health
  • Strengthen your immunity and self-healing capacities
  • Improving the quality of life at work
  • To give meaning back to one's job and regain motivation
  • Strengthening links with colleagues
  • Lower healthcosts
  • Less environmentalpollution
  • More socialconnection

You can
integrate health into :

Your educational mission

You can convey a holistic view of health to the people who work in the organization and relay prevention and health promotion messages 

How your organization works

You can create a workplace that is conducive to the health of your employees. Respectful management, prevention of exposure to various business risks (ergonomics, pollutants, light, noise, etc.), rest areas, healthy buildings, outdoor spaces that respect living organisms (water, soil, air, biodiversity, etc.)

Your core business

You can produce goods and services that have a positive impact on the health of your customers. Eco-socio design.

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