At the origin of the network


At the origin of the network

A mother's experience

Christine belhomme,
founder of allié santé

My dream began to germinate in 2001, in the waiting room of the acupuncturist who treated my sick baby for free for several months.

But before that there was bronchiolitis, a paediatric hospital, medication, resuscitation, intubation, acute respiratory distress syndrome, an induced coma, a respirator that breathed for her, a daily chest X-ray to check that her lungs weren't tearing apart, and then this little sentence, one morning in January 2001, before I went into the resuscitation unit:

Madam, before you come in, I need to talk to you. We have changed the ventilator and we are at 100% capacity. Your baby's lungs are not working, he is on the wire, we can't do anything. Let's wait 48 hours.

Fortunately, 24 hours later, life took over. He was 5 months old.

Despite all the tests performed every day and the constant readjustment of treatments, the doctors admitted that they did not understand why his health had deteriorated for no apparent reason or why the trend had been reversed within 24 hours.

We have come up against the limits of the knowledge of conventional medicine and its therapeutic range.

He was discharged from hospital with home oxygen and a long prescription of medication. Soon his liver showed signs of dysfunction so one day I received a prescription with a new drug to counteract the side effects of the firstones... and the proposal to put him on alternate antibiotic therapy to control his recurrent respiratory infections, as if he had cystic fibrosis...

''As it seemed unthinkable to add to the list of drugs he was taking, I started looking for non-medicinal solutions. ’’

This exploration was marked by meetings with extraordinary health professionalsrecognized and unrecognized, thanks to whom my baby gradually regained his vitality. Today, he is fine!

Over the years, I have discovered the immense scope of the energetic dimension of the human body and its unsuspected inner resources, but I have also discovered the compartmentalization and closure of a majority of actors in the medical world.

This discovery caused me a great deal of incomprehension, which for a long time led to anger:

Why are all these disciplines compartmentalised? Why are they opposed? Why don't practitioners talk to each other? Why doesn't the system take the best of allopathic practices and the best of complementary therapies to broaden the therapeutic spectrum? ’’.

This anger disappeared with the act of taking action.

Creator of innovative projects

Today, I am a source of ideas and a link builder. I create events and projects that contribute to transforming health practices, while respectingpeople, the environment and expenses .

Initially a graduate of a business school, I began my career in the illuminated advertising sector. I also have a master's degree in "Health and the environment, challenges for the territory and the company".

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