EXPLORATION Webinar Replay #6

Health and people

What the root peoples have to tell us
What is the vision of health among the root peoples? How do they think about the origin of the imbalances that generate diseases? Under what conditions is healing possible? How do they envisage prevention?

Frederika Van Ingen has carried out a thorough journalistic work that brings out a form of universal wisdom common to their cultures, regardless of their continent of origin. This wisdom of the living where everything is interconnected could undoubtedly inspire our reflection and enrich our western approach of medicine and health, very mechanistic and fragmented.

PODCAST Webinar of 05.10.2022

On the health of men and the health of the earth

Interview-debate proposed by Christine Belhomme, founder of Allié SANTÉ and Florian Petitjean, pharmacist and co-founder of Allié SANTÉ

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