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Why the name: Health Ally?

Once upon a time there was a Mexican healer

The name is partly linked to a little story that happened to Thierry Janssen and that had a profound effect on me. When he left his job as a surgeon many years ago, curiosity led him to explore other practices and to get closer to other health workers and traditional healers. He lived in Mexico and met a healer whose fame was attracting people beyond the borders. Thierry Janssen still looked at these practices with his surgeon's conditioning. The healer did not touch the people but put his hand on them and it was clear that things were happening to the people. At one point, the healer looked at Thierry Janssen and said: 'you doubt'. 

Thierry Janssen, wanting to appear kind, replies: "No, no". The healer then asks him: "between you and me, what is more important? Imagining that he wanted to take him into a debate positioning his culture and belief system in relation to his own, Thierry Janssen replies: "To be honest, I think that between you and me, the most important thing is still me".

The healer replies: "No, between you and me, the most important thing is ET, it's the link. It is the connection that makes life".

The initial idea of ''Alliance de ET en santé'' became ''Alli'ET Santé'' for short and then ''Allié Santé''.

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